Machine Pricing

All jobs are different, and a standard price is not possible. The price is dependent on material usage and machining time. Such things as cutting bit size, and material thickness can also require more machine time to complete a cut. 

Requesting a quote

If you are interested in having a quote done for your parts, its best to send the files to Once we can simulate the cutting and work up a machine time and materials needed, we can work up a cost. We have no min order. 


Our most common cutter we use in carbon fiber is the 2.0mm as it has the best performance and cutting speeds for most material thickness. For the best pricing, cuts should be set to allow this cutter to be used. Smaller cutters are available such as 0.6mm, 1.0mm, 1.6mm but this could increase the cost of the part as theses cutters are not able to cut as fast or as deep. For other materials, larger tools can be used to optimize the cutting. 


We can machine a varity of materials such as carbon fiber, Fiberglass, plastics, and metals. This can affect the cost of the final part. The thickness can also affect the cost as thicker materials can require a slower feed rate or multiple passes to complete the cut. To keep cost down, choose the thinnest material need and allow for the largest cutter. This will increase the speed in which the part can be cut and help reduce the cost.

Submitting files

We can accept most file types but there are some that will increase the speed in which we can work up a quote. If the part only requires a 2d cutting profile, the best is if a 2d DXF file can be sent. These are the types of files we will be using to machine the part and will save us having to convert them. Otherwise, we can take most other formats. 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at and we will response as soon as we can.