All jobs are different and a standard price is not possible. The price is dependent on material usage and machining time. Such things as cutting bit size, and material thickness can also require more machine time to complete a cut. 

Tips to reduce cost:

- Allow for a 2mm cutter to be used for the full job, smaller bits don't cut as fast or     as deep.

- Minimize material thickness that are required for the job. If you need 4 different thickness of maerial, it will take longer as the machine requires to be setup each time for the next material. Sometimes its best to make all your thinner plates thickness. Eg. make your camera plate the same thickness as the top plate. 


Material &  Thickness

Carbon Fiber sheet

Gloss or Matte

Plain Weave or Twill Weave


G10 sheet Black







Carbon fiber tube (rolled, matte finish)

            10mm x 500mm

            16mm x 500mm

        Custom lengths available upon request


            Prices include the uses of a 2mm cutter to perform the machining of                         parts. An extra charge may be applied for extra steps required to complete               a job. This will include the uses of several different tools such as different                 sizes bits, etching bits. 


Other materials - Please contact us with requested material for quote.


With the custom design option, you provide a sketch or a DXF file and we do the rest. We can assist in the design and manufacturing of your frame and ship it to you anywhere in the world. Services can be as fast as 24hrs. We stock a large selection for materials from 0.5mm - 5mm in carbon fiber. We also have it in Matte and Gloss as well as Plain weave and Twill weave. 

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chilliwack, B.C.

Custom Machining